Expanding Business

Assisting clients to expand their business to Europe, to establish new collaborations or enter new markets by assessing potential opportunities, targets, strategic partnerships or JV’s.

Ensuring that all involved parties understand the priorities of each other and therefore the joint plans meet the expectations of every participant and ensuring that overall the collaboration is a “win-win” situation for all concerned.

Target clients: pharmaceutical companies (API and FDF manufacturer), especially small and medium sized ones already marketing generic drugs on their local market and wishing to enter the European pharmaceutical market.

I am committed to provide the following tailored customer services:

  • In-depth knowledge about the regulations in force in Europe

  • Identification and selection of potential partners and targets

  • Development of business models

  • Approach of identified targets

  • Assistance in Due Diligence

  • Support in negotiation of agreements, In- and Out-licensing deals, service contracts

  • Support of Post-Merger-Integrations

  • Management of In- and Out-licensing projects

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